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Frequently Asked Questions

  After being asked many questions about the system, I decided that I would add this page, to answer the most common of them.

What happens to the system now its closed ?

  Firstly, Mail Rail has not been closed down as such, its merely been mothballed. The system has been left in a condition that it can be put straight back into service again. Trains are occasionally run on the system, to keep the track and systems in a useable condition.

Can I visit the Mail Rail system ?

  Yes, well a small part of it you can. The Postal Museum has opened a small section of Mail Rail to the public. Further information can be found at

How can I see the system in operation ?

  The only way at present, is on telly. Try watching the film 'Hudson Hawk' the system is portrayed as a private railway system beneath the Vatican. The railway has also featured in the TV program 'Twos Country', where the presenter, Tim Grundy had to cross London by various different types of transport.

Can I see any stock from the System ?

  Yes, there are examples of stock around the country, These include,

  National Railway Museum, York.

  Buckingham Railway Centre, Quainton Road.

  Chalk Pits Museum, Amberly.

  Launceston Steam Railway.

  It would be worth getting in contact before visiting, just to check to see if they are available for viewing.